A year taught me to be stronger.

How strange life is; a closed door and an opened door.

No longer love nor hate.

Sudden news, changes and added responsibilities. 

This year is the new challenge.


pancakes at home, buttcakes








It was fun. D.I.Y pancakes from Christmas trees, cherries to buttcakes. That’s a few good looking bums we have made. Try this at home, I’m sure you will have fun!


Never realizes their mistake
Only then, it will be too late.
Living in denial with ignorant bliss
And the final years in constant grief.

We see it as it may,
Put it as it say.
Take me away,
Before I pay.

The sins I’ve made,
I am afraid.
See you there,
With no more despair.

Let’s run my loved one.

playful death

3 October 2013

Misty grey skies as I lay on my bed safely indoors. I am thinking about..wondering, questioning and finding possibilities. If it was a bed of roses, you would bleed to death with the lovely thorns anyway. Ironic as the mind plays wonders to the foolish fantasies with escapism of reality. Laugh as we die slowly in our sleep. Tragic but beautiful.

surfers paradise


Hipstamatic, the iPhone application that every apple user to have. A wide variety of films, lens and flashes to create the exact toy mood you would like. However, you will have to purchase the different packs which comes in interesting packaging.

Breeze. It was summer at the good old surfers paradise at Gold Coast last december. The last is my favourite of me from this set. Tootsies were freezing cold, if only the weather was a little better.